Welcome to Living Faith Church in Concord, NC.
Our mission is to honor God, follow Jesus, love each other and peacefully serve the world.
We have a desire to display and share the love of Jesus to everyone.  Sharing the love of Jesus can be as simple as offering a smile.

Living Faith wants to help others find their way to God. We are not big on “religion.” We are very big on relationships. We believe the most important relationship for any of to have is with Jesus.   Through Him we are able to have peace and healing in our relationships — friendships, marriage, children, neighbors. We want to be a church that loves people in practical ways so that others can see God’s love and accept Jesus as their Savior.

Whatever your circumstances – young, old, single, married, single again, with or without children – and no matter where you’ve been or what’s happened in your life, you are welcome here.

Whether you’re just visiting our website for the first time or if you are returning again, it is great to have you visit with us. Check us out to find out more info about Living Faith. We are glad you have stopped by! And, please, do come again.