Blessing Box

Blessing Box Ministry

We owe a big thank you to local Boy Scout Carlin Crawford for constructing a Blessing Box on our property to share with the community.  We are so appreciative of him!  He built it in November 2020 for his Eagle Scout Project.  

We are thankful for community members that have been putting food in the Blessing Box to share with others.  It is truly amazing how many times we have checked the box to see if more food is needed and it is overflowing with recent donations.  Many of our neighbors in need have benefited by being able to take some basic food items from the Blessing Box.  This Blessing Box may very well provide the meal for a family tonight. 

This Blessing Box has truly been a blessing to us all by demonstrating love and compassion. 

Thank you Carlin for your efforts to help your community.  We are proud of you!