Our History

Living Faith Church History

The Living Faith Church started in Concord NC in 1996 as part of the Church of the Brethren.  The Church of the Brethren has deep roots in Protestant Christian history, having originated in Germany in 1708, members migrated to Pennsylvania in 1719.  From Pennsylvania the church spread west and south, and eventually became recognized in the US as one of the three historic Peace Churches along with Mennonites and Quakers.   Returning to 1996, Living Faith was created by some families that had moved to the area from Virginia and were not able to find an existing Brethren congregation.  After meeting in a home, a conference room, storefront, warehouse and a Lions Club hut, the congregation moved to its current location at 3251 Rock Hill Church Road in 2001 after buying an existing church building.

Living Faith is a family of believers and worshipers. We welcome anyone who is looking for a community in which to grow and serve together as sisters and brothers in Christ. We also welcome anyone who is curious or even skeptical of church. Like other families, we don’t always agree with one another.  We do love each other, warts and all, doing our best to show, share, and live the love revealed through Christ. We are strong believers in the power of prayer.  We reflect Jesus’ love and care for all children and youth encouraging them in Sunday School, through the children’s church message and young children’s church during the main worship and, as they are willing and able, children and youth can also participate in the worship service and in local service projects.

Our faith lives out in humility, peace and simplicity.  Regarding simplicity, just because we believe in it doesn’t mean we are always good at it especially in today’s complicated society.  We all sin and make mistakes so casting stones at others is thankfully out of bounds.  We don’t preach politics.  We don’t preach hate.  We do preach the love of Jesus and put it into action.  We would be honored for you to visit with us.